Clove Essential Oil


Also known as clove bud essential oil, clove essential oil is a spicy and warming oil that is steam distilled from the buds and stems of the plant. It smells just like dried clove, although the oil form has a much stronger odor. Traditionally, this essential oil is used for digestive, immune and respiratory support, along with being commonly added to foods for flavoring. Along with this, aromatic use of clove essential oil has a range of encouraging, healing and emotionally lifting properties.

Primary Physical Benefits

Physically, the use of clove essential oil has a range of awesome benefits. These include:

  • Promotion of healthy circulation;
  • Removal of toxins from the body;
  • Better oral health and the soothing of sore teeth and gums;
  • Promotion and support of a healthy immune system;
  • Digestive system support, and
  • Better cardiovascular health.

Clove Essential Oil Promotion of healthy circulation;Removal of toxins from the body;Better oral health and the soothing of sore teeth and gums;Promotion and support of a healthy immune system;Digestive system support, and Better cardiovascular health. read reviews Clove Essential Oil

Primary Emotional Benefits

The emotional benefits of clove essential oil are also many. This oil is said to encourage and promote healthy boundaries, helping a person feel empowered and encouraged to break patterns of victimization by honoring their own needs and speaking for themselves.

Because of this, clove essential oil is useful for aiding a person struggling with co-dependency, or those who find that they are too dominating or often cross the boundaries of others. Clove essential oil can also help with anxiety problems, promoting self-love and acceptance and helping people to not care as much about what others may think.

Using Aromatically

In much the same way that harmful compounds such as gases and chemicals can be absorbed into the bloodstream and cause harm through inhalation, clove essential oil can be inhaled into the bloodstream to do good and promote better physical and emotional health.

Due to the potency of clove essential oil, it should always be diluted before using aromatically. When it comes to ways in which you can use this oil aromatically, there are plenty to choose from, including:

  • Diffusion: Using clove essential oil with a diffuser will release the oil molecules into the air, where you can inhale them freely as you walk around your home. A good diffuser will use cold or room temperature or ultrasonic vibrations to release the molecules, resulting in them staying air-bound for longer and not causing any damage to the oil structure.
  • Direct Inhalation: Before directly inhaling clove essential oil, it should be diluted. Once diluted, hold the bottle of oil a few inches away from the nose and inhale deeply. Or, add one or two drops of the diluted oil to your hands and cup them over your mouth and nose.
  • Indirect Inhalation: Adding a few drops of diluted clove essential oil to your pillowcase or a handkerchief to inhale from can be a handy way of getting the oil’s positive properties either whilst you sleep or whilst out and about.
  • Steam Tent: Add a few drops of clove essential oil to warm (not boiling) water. Place a towel over your head and lean over the water to inhale the steam.
  • Perfume: Clove essential oil can also be used as a perfume by mixing a few drops of the oil with distilled water in a spray bottle. Add other essential oils of your choice to create a scent that you love.

Using Topically

Clove essential oil can be applied topically to the skin, but with great care due to the potency of the oil. Before applying clove essential to your skin, you should always dilute it and conduct a skin patch test.

The most common topical application of clove essential oil is over the reflex points of the feet. This can aid with detoxification of the body and help to rid your body’s systems of toxins and other nasties.

Alternatively, diluted clove essential oil can be used as a massage oil, or applied in small doses to certain areas of the body as an alternative to perfume or cologne. Bear in mind that the best way to use clove essential oil topically is sparingly, as overuse can cause skin irritation. If skin irritation occurs, you should stop using the oil immediately and seek medical attention if required. Consult a doctor before using clove essential oil during pregnancy or on children or babies.

Using Internally

As with topical use, using clove essential oil internally should always be done with great care. As this oil is known for its benefits and usefulness for promoting good dental and oral health, one of the most common ways of using it internally is to add it to dental products, or dilute with distilled water to create a natural mouthwash. Adding one drop of diluted oil to toothpaste before brushing your teeth can promote good oral health. Or, place one drop in two ounces of water and gargle with it for a soothing effect on the mouth and throat.

Diluted clove essential oil can also be placed in veggie capsules and taken with food each day. This can help to boost immunity – especially during the winter time – as well as help to rid the body of harmful toxins, which could possibly lead to weight loss when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

If preferred, clove essential oil can also be used in cooking. When cooking with this oil, only a very small amount is needed. Start by adding one small drop to food, or using a toothpick to add small amounts of the oil to the dish until you know the ratio that you need.

Using Around the Home

mini-clove-freshener-3Clove essential oil is also a popular natural product to use around the home as an alternative cleaning or air freshening product. Add to blends of other fresh-smelling essential oils such as wild orange essential oil, lemon essential oil, and cinnamon bark essential oil to create gorgeous, all-natural scents for your home. You can use these as an air-freshening spray by mixing with distilled water and placing into a spray bottle.

Alternatively, you can use clove essential oil either on its own or mixed with a blend of other oils as in a diffuser. Reed diffusers are a common choice, and also easy to use – simply place the reeds in a bottle of the oil or oil blend and leave to diffuse the oil into the room, creating a refreshing natural odor.

Like most essential oils, clove essential oil can also be used as a general cleaning product around the home. This is best done by adding a few drops of it to your regular cleaning products, to create a healthier, more natural and fresher odor.


Clove essential oil is one of the more potent essential oils, which is why it should always be used with care and caution whether using it aromatically, topically or internally.

Before any kind of use of clove essential oil, it is absolutely necessary to dilute it beforehand. Clove essential oil should never be applied directly to the skin, inhaled or ingested neat under any circumstances. When diluting clove essential oil, a general guideline to go by is to use one-part oil to three-parts water. Further dilution may be necessary, such as in the case of skin sensitivity or use on a child. Remember that diluting your oil will not take away from the quality or effectiveness.

Prior to topical application of clove essential oil to your skin, it’s advised that you conduct a skin patch test first. This is especially important if you have sensitive skin or are prone to adverse reactions or skin allergies. However, even if you do not have sensitive skin or tend to react badly to new products on your skin, conducting a patch test is still the best way forward. To conduct a patch test, place a small amount of diluted clove essential oil on the inner arm, and wait twenty-four hours before applying any more. This should alert you to any possible reactions and also give you a good idea of how much you will need to dilute the oil.

If you are pregnant, you should always speak to a doctor, midwife or OBGYN before using clove essential oil aromatically, topically or internally. In general, the oil is safe to use during pregnancy with great care.

Keep out of the eyes and ears. If the oil comes into contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water and seek medical attention if needed. Always store clove essential oil out of the reach of children.