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Edens Garden Essential Oils Review


Eden’s Garden is another well-known essential oil company. Their label is instantly recognizable in health food stores, supplement shops and herb outlets. This company really works hard for their customers, offering discounts and promotions as well as bonuses all the time. They also have a really good reputation among expert users of essential oils. Those who use essential oils regularly and have tried a few different brands can usually tell if they are good or not and Eden’s Garden seems to pass the test.

Besides the essential oils, Eden’s Garden sells other products related to essential oils. For example they are well-stocked when it comes to carrier oils and they have accessories as well. One of the most used options is their gift packages which you can give to anyone who uses essential oils.

Edens Garden Kit Each oil is available in 5, 10, 30, and 100 ml- packaged in amber glass bottle with euro style dropper cap. Read Reviews Edens Garden Kit

Edens Garden Company History

Grace Martin founded Eden’s Garden in 2009. This means that the company hasn’t been around that long but even so, it is grown considerably and is well known among all who are involved in the process of creation or the use of essential oils. Grace came to the table with 10 years of experience in the natural health industry. The company began in one of the most unlikely places – Grace’s in-laws’ garage. Eventually, the oils that she was making and selling were so popular that she expanded and hired a staff that are just is dedicated to creating the best essential oil products on the market as she is. She is still the Chief Executive Officer of Eden’s Garden.

Edens Garden Manufacturing Process

When it comes to the manufacturing process, Eden’s Garden offers 100% therapeutic grade oils. They procure their essential oils through the same manufacturing processes as most companies do, but they take extra steps to make sure that their quality products are pure. For example they have their in-house labs tests their essential oils before they go out to customers, as well as having an outside lab test as well. Their oils are free of GMO’s, pesticides, harmful chemicals and herbicides. They also use natural fertilizer. As for the extraction process, it is the same steam distillation process used by just about every company out there for most of the essential oils. For some essential oils, they need to use a cold press method – for example, lemons and limes – and even others may be extracted by using solvent extraction, especially if they are fragile flowers.

edens-garden-essential-oilsEdens Garden Essential Oils Selection

You may be wondering what kind of selection Eden’s Garden has when it comes to essential oils. This is the number one company featured here among these seven with when it comes to selection. They have more than 150 essential oils for you to choose from. There are probably around 300 essential oils total but offering this many oils definitely gives you the opportunity to get the ones that you want and treat the medical problems that you want to treat. In addition to essential oils, the company also sells accessories, proprietary blends and much more. Some of the oils that they sell include: bergamot, apricot, coriander, eucalyptus and lavender. The company also has a large selection of carrier oils as well as gift packs.

Edens Garden Purity of Essential Oils

It comes to the purity of Eden’s Garden essential oils; they do allow a third-party to test their oils with grass chromatography and mass spectrometry, which is a very precise and effective way to test essential oils. The purity of oils from Eden’s Garden has also been discussed online and the consensus is good. Eden’s Garden  appears to care about the quality that their customers are getting and most people that have used them have (that know what pure essential oils are like), have said that they are indeed quite pure. So, this is one thing that you can check off your list if you are concerned about the purity and safety of using essential oils from Eden’s Garden.

Edens Garden Website

Eden’s Garden has a very nice website utilizing browns, greens, whites and pinks. The website is well-designed with a sliding carousel on the homepage that shows you what some of the products look like. Two of the benefits that you get from Eden’s Garden that you may not find with other companies are listed right on the website – the first is free shipping on all their orders as long as they are within the United States and the second is they have an unconditional guarantee which means that if you don’t like and oil for any reason whatsoever, you can send it back and they will refund your money. This is obviously a very good policy and shows that the company has confidence in his products and treats their customers right.

Edens Garden Essential Oils Price

9615071060b3a4705096bd997be010a2When it comes to price, Eden’s Garden is both better and worse than some of the other essential oil companies out there. The reason for that is that they charge between a $1.20 and $2.20 per milliliter, which with the example of bergamot which we have compared to the other essential oil companies here, comes out to between $15 and $30 per 15 mL bottle. If you want some more examples of price to see how they vary by product below are some essential oils and their prices for 10 mL bottles at Eden’s Garden.

  • Lavender- $6.25 for 10 ml bottle
  • Peppermint- $3.75 for 10 ml bottle
  • Lemon- $3.45 for 10 ml bottle

Edens Garden Reputation

As for the reputation that Eden’s Garden has among those who use essential oils, it is a good one. They certify their oils pure therapeutic grade and this gives the customer the confidence to purchase knowing that they are receiving the highest quality product possible. If you look online you can see that Eden’s Garden has a fine reputation when it comes to essential oils. People that use their oils have said that they are very high-quality and do what they say they are going to do, including treating certain conditions that that particular essential oil is good for. You need not be concerned about buying from Eden’s Garden. They have an excellent online profile and reputation.

Edens Garden Customer Service

So, what about the customer service at Eden’s Garden? The customer service is also pretty excellent. People that have posted about the customer service online have been very generous in their praise of Eden’s Garden. There are a couple ways that you can contact them. You can either use the email method which will get them to answer your question within 24 to 48 business hours, or you can use their telephone number and call customer service anytime Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. They also provide a mailing address so that you can write to them. Both the phone number and address are listed below.

Eden’s Garden
1322 Calle Avanzado
San Clemente, CA 92673

Edens Garden Overview of Customer Reviews

As for the customer reviews that you can find online they are overwhelmingly positive. As you probably know, most of the people that have a positive experience with the company do not post online while most of the people that do have a negative experience do. This reality of online reviews can make it difficult to know whether or not a company is a good one to work with. The nice thing about Eden’s Garden is that there isn’t a whole lot of negative feedback out there. What that likely means is this is a very good company to work with and most of their customers have been satisfied.

Final Word on Edens Garden

As for the final word when it comes to Eden’s Garden, there is no reason not to go with this great company. With the selection that they offer, you will probably be able to find just about any essential oil that you need and you won’t find a company that has a bigger selection.

Major Essential Oil Brand Comparison Chart

Brand Price Quality Reputation Selection Service Reviews Overall


Fair Excellent Fair 42 Oils Excellent Good Good
Eden’s Garden Good Excellent Excellent 150 Oils Excellent Excellent Excellent
Mountain Rose Excellent Good Excellent 112 Oils Excellent Excellent Excellent


Fair Excellent Excellent 20 Oils Excellent Good Good
NOW Foods Unknown Excellent Excellent 67 Oils Good Good Good


Excellent Good Excellent 70 Oils Good Good Good
Young Living Fair Good Fair 87 Oils Good Fair Fair