Essential Oils For Focus

Many people have problems with focus. It is something that is even more prevalent these days, thanks to the internet. Getting distracted happens to everyone once in a while, but some people have regular problems with focus. There are many reasons that someone may lose focus – they may be under a great deal of stress, they may be tired, they might have other things on their mind, or they might even have a medical condition that makes it difficult to focus on things. There are both physical and mental conditions that can result in loss of focus, but most of the time, this is just an inconvenience and can be treated with essential oils.

 The Problem with Losing Focus


The problem with losing focus is that can have a seriously detrimental effect on your life. For many children or teens, their school records and grades are going to have somewhat of an impact later in life. For example, those in high school are going to need a good record to get into the best colleges. When it comes to college itself, the coursework is very demanding and without having good focus, a student may have a difficult time keeping up, which could mean repeating classes or failing exams. In addition, there is the job after college. Not being able to focus on the job or tasks assigned may cause problems at work and keep someone from advancing their career.

 Other Medical Conditions Involving Focus

iStock_000015861915XSmallThere actually are some medical conditions that have to do with losing focus. In fact, there is one big one called ADHD, which stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. ADHD usually is diagnosed in children but it can last well into adulthood and cause people to have problems focusing on books, menial tasks, chores or many other things. ADHD patients do not have the same chemicals released in the brain when they are focusing on a task, which makes it very easy for them to get distracted. With the constant notifications happening all the time, someone with ADHD has an almost impossible time keeping on task when using the internet.

 Conventional Treatments for Lack of Focus

There are a number of treatments that are considered for lack of focus but they depend upon the medical condition that is causing the lack of focus in the first place. For example, when it comes to ADHD, there are certain medications that work with both children and adults. Ritalin is an example of such a medication. Ritalin is a stimulant which works exactly the opposite way on those that suffer from ADHD; a stimulant calms them down. There are other treatments as well, depending upon the specific medical condition.

 Essential Oils for Treating Lack of Focus

There are specific oils that can help someone when they suffer from a lack of focus, and can even help when the problem is based in a medical condition like ADHD. Many parents believe that essential oils are a healthier alternative to stimulants because some of the medications prescribed for this condition are strong and have unwanted side effects as well; that’s why many parents choose to try essential oils first before they follow the recommendation of a doctor or psychologist. In the case of adult ADHD, essential oils may have a reduced – but still noticeable – effect.

Patchouli Essential Oil

Pogostemom cablin, or patchouli, is an essential oil for helping concentration that works in much the same way that ylang ylang does. It helps to calm anxiety and focuses the mind so that you can complete your task much easier.

Patchouli Essential Oil The scent of this essential oil has been shown to have a major effect on the human nervous system. read reviews Patchouli Essential Oil

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary essential oil helps to clear the mind and allows you to concentrate or multitask. You can apply it in many different ways, including ingestion, but many people prefer to create an Epsom salt bath that includes Rosemary oil before they begin working.

Rosemary Essential Oil Rosemary is that it is used for indigestion and all sorts of gastrointestinal problems. It can treat dyspepsia, promote healthy release of bile, stimulate blood flow, promote nutrient absorption and relieve stomach cramps caused by gas, as read reviews Rosemary Essential Oil

Mandarin Essential Oil

This is another essential oil that works with those who have a hard time focusing. In fact, this is a particularly effective essential oil when it is combined with lavender. Mandarin is an oil that soothes and quiets the body. It has properties like aldehydes and pinenes attributes, and so when you take this particular oil, it has a very calming effect on the central nervous system, which means it treats anxiety problems as well.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

This essential oil, which has the scientific name of Cananga ororata, is a sedative essential oil that calms down the mind and reduces emotional surges that can lead to loss of focus. The sedative effects of ylang ylang are specifically intended for helping someone who is having trouble focusing at work, school or any other place where full concentration is required. It is also something that calms the nervous system, reducing anxiety, and while it is not as powerful as lavender, it does have the ability to produce positive emotions.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil It helps you to relax and reduces anxiety, and simply elevates your mood to cure and combat depression. Ylang Ylang essential oil is also antiseborrhoeic, which means that it helps to protect from excessive sebum production. read reviews Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is the first essential oil for ADHD that we are going to discuss. Lavender has a number of benefits that are not necessarily related to mental health symptoms, but when it comes to lack of focus, they are particularly effective. For example, lavender helps to reduce anxiety and calms the person suffering from lack of focus. This results in them being able to pay more attention to what they are doing and have a more productive day. In addition, lavender is a mood booster and it provides mild euphoric feelings similar to a release of dopamine.

Roman Chamomile Oil

Roman chamomile is another essential oil that calms emotions. This historical oil was actually used by Roman soldiers thousands of years ago; they would apply the oil before they went into battle and it was supposed to bring them courage. This is obviously where the name comes from. Roman chamomile calms you down and produces feelings of joy and comfort.

Vetiver Essential Oil

Vetiveria zizanioides, or vetiver for short, is another great essential oil for those who are suffering from a lack of focus and concentration. Whether you’re having trouble at work or in school, vetiver will create a deep, calming effect and focus your mind on the task at hand.

Frankincense Oil

Not only does frankincense calm your mind and give you the peace that you need to focus on a task, it also has a number of other health benefits. For example, frankincense is an immune system booster; it helps to combat other health problems by doing so. Frankincense also has the unique attribute of actually helping to increase or support brainpower, which can also help with focus.

Recipes with Essential Oils for Ultimate Focus

These are recipes that are based upon essential oils and will help with certain aspects of focus problems. Each one is targeted to a specific problem area that is normally a factor in the inability to concentrate or focus.

Roman Chamomile-Based Recipe for Motivation

This recipe blends some essential oils to help you become more motivated and help you stay focused on the task that you are trying to accomplish. You want to start with Roman chamomile, which is the essential oil that this recipe is based on. From there, you will add spruce essential oil, ylang ylang and lavender. Diffuse the mixture and distribute it into the area that you are going to be working in.

Brain Boosting Sandalwood Recipe

Sandalwood is another brain boosting recipe that has helps you focus as well, so it is a perfect combination. You start with the base ingredient of Sandalwood and add the following essential oils – one drop of each should do: Melissa, frankincense, lavender cedarwood, cypress and helichrysum. This should be mixed with a carrier oil until it has the consistency of lotion and then applied topically on the back of the neck.

Peppermint-Based Blend for Alertness

This recipe is based on peppermint, but it also combines rosemary (which is one of the essential oils described above) allowing you to clear your mind and focus better. This blend will give you better comprehension, and in general, have a much sharper mind. The peppermint oil is the main ingredient of this blend because it has actually been shown studies to increase mental acuity and alertness by almost 30%, simply by the inhalation of undiluted peppermint oil. In order to create this blend, combine your rosemary and peppermint oil with a couple drops each of the following: