Ginger Essential Oil


Ginger essential oil is steam distilled from the roots of the ginger plant, and provides a wide range of different health benefits. With a spicy, woody and warm aroma, ginger essential oil is also a firm favorite to use around the home during the festive period due to its traditional reputation. The benefits of ginger essential oil are almost identical to the benefits of consuming fresh ginger; it is well-known to have a beneficial effect on the digestive system, as well as provide effective support for the nervous system.

Primary Physical Benefits

The benefits of ginger essential oil are very widespread when it comes to physical health. If you don’t like the taste or texture of eating fresh ginger, using ginger essential oil can be an awesome alternative as the health benefits are practically the same as the ones which you experience from regularly consuming fresh ginger. Physical benefits include:

  • Promotion of healthy digestion and support of the digestive system;
  • Easing the symptoms of indigestion and nausea;
  • Overall warming of the body, and
  • Easing stomach pain and upset.

Ginger Essential Oil Promotion of healthy digestion and support of the digestive system;Easing the symptoms of indigestion and nausea read reviews Ginger Essential Oil

Primary Emotional Benefits

The benefits of ginger essential oil on our mental and emotional health are lesser-known, which is why they may come as a surprise to many. Ginger essential oil has been referred to as the ‘oil of empowerment’, helping those who use it to address feelings of powerlessness, fears or patterns of victimization, or encouraging inner motivation and strength to step into the role of leader in one’s own life.

This nonphysical effect of ginger essential oil makes it an ideal product to use for those suffering with feelings of helplessness, addressing patterns of courage or fear and helping to build and help maintain a healthy balance on both sides of the spectrum when it comes to many emotions or situations. For this reason, it could be useful in helping people suffering from conditions such as bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder or depressive disorder to take control of and manager their emotions in a healthier manner.

Using Aromatically

Just as harmful substances can be absorbed into the bloodstream through inhalation, the positive and beneficial properties of ginger essential oil can also be inhaled through the airways and into the body where it can promote healing and good health. There are a number of ways in which you can use ginger essential oil aromatically, including:

  • Diffusion: Using ginger essential oil with a high quality diffuser that uses ultrasonic vibrations or cool/room temperature to diffuse the oil molecules into the air will ensure that they stay air-bound for as long as possible. A good diffuser will also prevent the molecules from being damaged by heat. This not only provides you with a natural and gorgeous-smelling method of purifying the air in your home, it also means that you will constantly inhaling the positive benefits of ginger essential oil from the air in the rooms.
  • Direct Inhalation: Direct inhalation of ginger essential oil can have a range of benefits including warming your body, clearing your airways, and healthier management of emotions. To directly inhale the oil, simply hold the bottle a few inches away from your nose and breathe deeply. Or, put a few drops into the palms of your hands and cup over your mouth and nose.
  • Indirect Inhalation: This method is ideal for those who don’t always carry a bottle of ginger essential oil around with them, but still want to inhale it from time to time. Placing a few drops of the oil onto an item such as a pillowcase, handkerchief, cloth or cotton ball and either place it in an area where you can easily smell the aroma or use it by holding close to the face and inhaling deeply. Since ginger essential oil can help relieve motion sickness, placing cotton balls containing a few drops of the oil in your car is ideal for anyone suffering with this.
  • Steam Tent: A ginger essential oil infused steam tent can help to clear both your mind and your airways! Fill a bowl with warm water and add a few drops of the oil before placing a towel over your head and leaning over the water to breathe in the steam.
  • Fans and vents: Instead of using a diffuser, fill your room with the spicy aroma of ginger essential oil by placing a few drops on a cloth and placing it in front of a fan or vent.

Using Topically

Generally, ginger essential oil is safe for topical use. Commonly, it is used topically to help sooth internal problems such as aiding digestion or relieving the symptoms of nausea. It can also be used topically as an aid for better emotional and mental health. Common topical uses include:

  • Mixing with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil to create a full-body massage oil
  • Rubbing over the abdomen (core chakra) to aid with emotional health by stimulating motivation, a ‘fire for life’, sense of trust, strength and commitment.
  • Massage over the upper abdomen (solar plexus) to encourage feelings of strength and responsibility
  • Massage one or two drops of ginger essential oil onto the soles of your feet to aid with digestion and relieve symptoms of digestive trouble
  • Add to bathwater to create a relaxing and stress-relieving bath which leaves you feeling rejuvenated, encouraged and motivated
  • Add to shower gel or moisturizer

Using Internally

Ginger oil is commonly used in cooking dishes and flavoring both sweet and savory foods. When using ginger essential oil as a cooking aid, a general rule to follow is that less is more – start with a very small amount and increase this as and when needed in order to make sure that you get the right ratio and don’t use too much.

Additionally, ginger essential oil can also be added to hot water, coffee, tea and other beverages to help ease digestive problems and symptoms of nausea. If you are suffering from sickness and/or an upset stomach, a few drops of ginger essential oil in your beverage can make a huge difference.

Taking ginger essential oil as a supplement can also help you to improve your digestive functions, relieve motion sickness symptoms, steady an upset stomach or even relieve menstrual symptoms. Do this by adding a drop of the oil to an empty veggie capsule and take in tablet form with water.

Using Around the Home

Ginger essential oil is extremely popular as a home scent, especially around the festive period. You can use ginger oil around the home on its own, or if you’d prefer to make a unique blend of essential oils for your home products it is complimented well with a range of different essential oils such as frankincense, eucalyptus, geranium, rosemary and all spice and citrus essential oils giving you a huge array of different blend possibilities.

You can use ginger essential oil around the home in the following ways:

  • Diffusion: Using a diffuser is a simple way to distribute the spicy, warm aroma of this oil around your home whilst accessing the aromatic benefits. Use an electric or reed diffuser for this purpose.
  • Air purification: Ginger is a popular scent amongst many air freshener brands at the festive period. Why not forego all those chemicals and make your own using a blend of ginger essential oil and distilled water in a spray bottle?
  • Add to unscented laundry detergent and fabric conditioner, or spray onto wet clothing before drying to give your laundry a sweet, spicy and woody scent.


Although ginger essential oil is generally safe to use, it’s advisable to take a number of safety precautions into consideration before first time use.

When using topically, ginger oil need not be diluted unless you have sensitive skin or are using with a child, in which case you should dilute one-part oil with three-parts water. Before topical application, it is advisable to conduct a skin patch test beforehand to determine how your skin will react to the oil and rule out any possible allergic reactions. To do this, rub a small amount of oil onto a part of your inner arm and leave for around a day.

Ginger essential oil is suitable for use during pregnancy with the approval of a healthcare professional.

Store out of reach of children. Keep out of eyes, ears and nose. If irritation occurs, wash the area with clean water and seek medical attention if required. If you experience any adverse effects, cease use and contact your doctor.