Miracle Essential Oils Review


Miracle Essential Oils is a company that lives by the fact that essential oils are necessary for life. They base this on the research that is been done and the historical references to essential oils that show that for thousands of years people have been maintaining optimal health by using them. They are used all over the world by different cultures and in so many different ways that they are an all-around solution for just about every physical, mental or emotional problem. Miracle Essential Oils believes in alternative medicine and strives to give you the best quality products, according to their website.

Miracle Essential Oils Company History

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of information about the company’s history on their website. The ‘about’ section gives a great deal of information about why they believe the way they do and how they make their products pure but there isn’t anything about when the company started or how and why. However, the person in charge of perfumes at Miracle has more than 30 years of experience with essential oils. Even if they have a short history, they have still become one of the top essential oil companies in the world and they have a huge number of satisfied customers.

Miracle Essential Oils Manufacturing Process

When it comes to the manufacturing process, there isn’t much information available either. But the steam distillation process is normally how the essential oils are extracted when it comes to the ones that they sell. The way that steam distillation works is that the plant is collected and the parts of the plant that are used to make essential oil are harvested and then sent through the steam distillation process with very low yields coming out as essential oil. This is why some essential oils are very expensive – they have been collected from a great deal of plant matter. There are other methods that are used to create some of the oils that Miracle sells. Cold Pressing is a technique where the peel of citrus fruits, for example, is squeezed and the juice collected as essential oil. There is also the process of solvent extraction, which is when chemicals are used to create essential oil.

Miracle Essential Oils Essential Oils Selection

Unfortunately, these guys do not have a great selection of essential oils. There are hundreds of essential oils out there and many of them are unique and specific to one particular malady, which means that you need that essential oil and nothing else. Some essential oils do more than one thing but having them available to you in a wide array of choices is important because they don’t do everything. The essential oils themselves that Miracle has listed totaled just 20 or so. They include some of the classics like women, murder, lavender, tea tree oil and more. They also have proprietary blends that you may like but there are only 10 of them. Their proprietary blends include sleek one for weight loss, one for rejuvenation, one to build your body’s immunity and want to help you focus.

new-years-bottlesMiracle Essential Oils Purity of Essential Oils

The purity of their essential oils is one thing that this company excels in. This is based not only on the process that they use and the information on their website about how they quality check their oils, it is also based on a comprehensive search the Internet for people who are tried Miracle Essential Oils before and how satisfied they were with the product. Experienced users of essential oils are able to tell how pure a product is and many of them have endorsed Miracle Essential Oils for this reason. This makes it a safe bet to buy from Miracle and know that you’re going to get pure product.

Miracle Essential Oils Website

The Miracle website is a very good one, well-designed, responsive and very easy to navigate. It’s a relatively simple design utilizing green and white in various shades. The menu allows you to navigate to their about page or to the Miracle store as well as the pages that give you free guide to your center email, their blog, their contact page and a sign in page for those who are representatives and have an account with Miracle Essential Oils. All in all, the website is definitely an easy one to use and you should have no problems getting essential oils that you need.

Miracle Essential Oils Essential Oils Price

When it comes to price, Miracle is about the same as DoTERRA and Young Living – around 35 bucks for a 15 mL bottle (bergamot). Obviously, this is not ideal, because there are companies out there that are selling 15 liter bottle of essential oil for half that. Of course, you have to take the quality into account; Miracle may be justified in charging that much for an essential oil. It is also important to keep in mind that this price was determined using just one essential oil across all companies – 15 mL bottle of bergamot. Other bottles of essential oil may be priced differently and could be higher or lower than this price.

Miracle Essential Oils Reputation

One thing that you can say about Miracle is that they have an excellent reputation. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find anything on the web that explicitly calls out the company for some negative reason. There is a propensity for people who have a negative experience to almost always post about it and reviews and for people who have a positive experience to hardly ever post about it. This means that if you find a company that has balanced negative and positive reviews, it is likely that they are a good company. If you find a company like Miracle where they have hardly any negative information out there, you can be certain that they are a great company.

Miracle Essential Oils Customer Service

Let’s talk about Miracles customer service. First of all, those who of contact customer service and then post it on the web about it have said that their service is excellent. If you have a problem, you can contact their customer service through the options provided and they will be glad to deal with the problem and make sure you’re happy. The first option that you have with customer service is calling the toll-free number listed on their contact page. If you don’t want to call you can always email them as well instead. But the bottom line here is they have really good customer service and if that is what is stopping you from buying, you don’t have to worry about it.

Miracle Essential Oils Overview of Customer Reviews

As for customer reviews, again they have been very positive. Miracle maintains a rating between four and five stars on the major review sites and on their products that are sold on Amazon. This means that most of the customers that purchased their products or sold them as a distributor were happy. They may have rated them four stars or five stars. All in all, the tone of the reviews is pretty positive and you can check out the reviews yourself to see what people are saying

Final Word on Miracle Essential Oils

So, the final word on Miracle Essential Oils is that they are an excellent company that has a great reputation for essential oils. While they don’t have a very good selection of essential oils nor do they have very many of proprietary oil blends to choose from, they are still pretty decent and their customers seem satisfied. The fact that they charge twice as much as companies like Starwest and Mountain Rose might put you off a little and this is perfectly reasonable. If you can get the same quality for a lower price – especially by half – you should, but these oils are extremely high quality and may be worth the extra money.

Major Essential Oil Brand Comparison Chart

Brand Price Quality Reputation Selection Service Reviews Overall


Fair Excellent Fair 42 Oils Excellent Good Good
Eden’s Garden Good Excellent Excellent 150 Oils Excellent Excellent Excellent
Mountain Rose Excellent Good Excellent 112 Oils Excellent Excellent Excellent


Fair Excellent Excellent 20 Oils Excellent Good Good
NOW Foods Unknown Excellent Excellent 67 Oils Good Good Good


Excellent Good Excellent 70 Oils Good Good Good
Young Living Fair Good Fair 87 Oils Good Fair Fair