Mountain Rose

Mountain Rose Essential Oils Review

Mountain Rose essential oil is one of the most well-known herbal medicine brands in the world. They have a huge selection of essential oils and their prices are much lower than some of the other companies out there. They have a great return policy, allowing you to send back anything within 60 days of buying it and they will refund your money completely without charging any sort of restocking fee. There are definitely a lot of good things that you can see about this company. Just the factors listed so far would make anyone want to try them out but let’s explore some of the other aspects of the company as well.

download (2)Mountain Rose Company History

The founder of the company is Julie Bailey – and she is still the president of the company today. She started her company in 1991 with Mountain Rose herbs, creating catalogs it can be sent out to people who are interested in purchasing herbs and other natural products. Eventually, the company started doing essential oils as well and now they are known as one of the top providers of essential oils all over the world. One of the strengths that this company has is that the founder – Julie Bailey – actually learned all about herbs and plants that create essential oils while she was growing up in England.

Mountain Rose Manufacturing Process

Unfortunately, the website doesn’t say much about blank’s manufacturing process. However it does say that the plants that they use – and that includes for organic essential oils and regular essential oils – are grown in very healthy soil through organic farming and from there they produce the essential oils that they sell on their website. It is assumed that they use cold press methods, steam distillation and perhaps even solvent extraction to manufacture their essential oils because that is what nearly all of the essential oil companies do.

essential-oils_blogMountain Rose Essential Oils Selection

Mountain Rose essential oil does have one of the largest selections out there of all of the essential oils. The problem with the essential oils listed, is that they are somewhat hard to find. If you are using essential oils for more than just their fragrance, you might get lost looking for the essential oils category. They are listed under aromatherapy. But that aside, the essential oils collection numbers well over 100 with Mountain Rose. This means that they carry oils that no other essential oils manufacturer carries. They are also listed alphabetically which is very convenient because you can click on the letters that you want and it will scroll right down to show you the essential oils under that letter.

Mountain Rose Purity of Essential Oils

Again, there isn’t a whole lot of information on the purity of essential oils for Mountain Rose. There just isn’t anything about their manufacturing process to prove how pure they are. However from the information listed on the site, the company does appear to have numerous certifications like the USDA organic program for their herbs and they are verified by the non-GMO product project. They are a member of Earth Share Oregon and also only by fair trade products. Although this information applies mostly to their herbs and spices, it is apparent that they care about their customers and it is probably safe to assume that there oils are very pure.

Mountain Rose Website

When it comes to the Mountain Rose website, it is actually extremely well put together. The problem mentioned earlier, where the essential oils are impossible to find what you’re looking for unless you want them specifically for aromatherapy, is taken into account here. But the rest of the website is extremely well designed and navigates easily. Is completely responsive and you instantly go from one page to another. The sections or categories that they divide their products and are listed in a drop-down menu and includes herbs and spices, aromatherapy, teas, bath and body as well as food items ingredients and their specials.

The mobile version of their website is actually even better than the main website. When you browse the category section and look at things like herbs and spices are aromatherapy, when you are done browsing the subsections within that category it takes you right back to the category menu which is a very nice feature. The bottom line here is that their website is terrific and outperforms some of the other websites that essential oil companies have.

Mountain Rose Essential Oils Price

When it comes to the price of Mountain Rose essential oils, you will be amazed frankly. In comparison with the other essential oil companies that are out there, these guys have incredible prices. As an example, DoTERRA sells a 15 mL bottle of bergamot essential oil for $37. Young Living cells 15 mL of bergamot essential oil for $35. Mountain Rose charges $16.50 for 15 mL which is comparable with another essential oil company called Starwest. Of course these aren’t all 15 mL bottles. They have been converted for convenience here but some companies sell bottles in ounces or fractions of ounces, and others sell in milliliters but not necessarily the 15 mL amount.

Mountain Rose Reputation

These guys have a really good reputation. With some essential oil companies – especially the multilevel marketing ones that are out there may be negative reviews that are posted by salespeople who weren’t able to make enough money in the business. These bitter and negative reviews could be discounted for the most part. But even so, Mountain Rose shines when it comes to online reputation and there are very few negative things posted about Mountain Rose essential oils. If you are on the fence about buying from them, feel free to do so knowing that they are a great company to work with.

Mountain Rose Customer Service

If you want good customer service, Mountain Rose definitely has you covered there. Those who have used Mountain Rose products and had a problem (and have posted online about their experience) were almost exclusively positive. Mountain Rose has a number of ways that you can get in touch with them. They allow you to use their toll-free number to get in touch instantly with a customer service rep – or fax if you are more comfortable with that – and they have an email for customer support as well. In addition, you can even go in and talk to them and pick up your order in person if you live in Eugene, Oregon where their office is. They also have a P.O. Box if you want to mail them something.

Mountain Rose Overview of Customer Reviews

As previously mentioned, the overwhelming majority of customer reviews on Mountain Rose essential oils has been very positive. Almost everyone is happy with their product and that includes the quality of the oils that they receive, the customer service that they received after the sale and any problems that they had, with resolutions. You can definitely go with Mountain Rose because they have great customer service. Everyone seems happy with the products that they get and the service that they receive even if they have a problem. In fact, problems are resolved quickly according to the reviews online.

Final Word on Mountain Rose

 So, the final word as to whether or not to go with Mountain Rose essential oils is this: Although Mountain Rose does not concentrate on essential oils necessarily; they do have what is nearly the biggest selection among the seven major brands that we feature here (only one exception). At last count, there were 112 essential oils and that doesn’t count any of the blends that they create or the organic essential oils. In addition, the prices are lower than just about any other essential oil company. These factors, plus their great reputation and excellent customer service makes them a highly recommended company to go with to get your essential oils, as well as carrier oils or other products.

Major Essential Oil Brand Comparison Chart

Brand Price Quality Reputation Selection Service Reviews Overall


Fair Excellent Fair 42 Oils Excellent Good Good
Eden’s Garden Good Excellent Excellent 150 Oils Excellent Excellent Excellent
Mountain Rose Excellent Good Excellent 112 Oils Excellent Excellent Excellent


Fair Excellent Excellent 20 Oils Excellent Good Good
NOW Foods Unknown Excellent Excellent 67 Oils Good Good Good


Excellent Good Excellent 70 Oils Good Good Good
Young Living Fair Good Fair 87 Oils Good Fair Fair