Briteleafs 2-in-1

Briteleafs 2-in-1 Essential Oil Diffuser Review


There are lots of diffusers on the market, but that doesn’t mean that there is an impossible choice to make. In fact, there are some diffusers that stand head-and-shoulders above the rest, which is why we have included the ones on this site. This diffuser is a perfect example of that quality, with great features, a terrific design and all of the benefits that you expect to find with a top-notch portable diffuser. The Briteleafs 2-in-1 diffuser is a dual-purpose device, acting as a small humidifier to put moisture into the air, combating dry skin, cough and sinus problems, and acting as a diffuser as well, distributing fragrances of your choice throughout the room.

Coverage Area

The coverage area for this diffuser is relatively small. It covers about 250 square feet, which is equivalent to a 15-foot by 15-foot room. This definitely isn’t a huge space, but the great thing about the Briteleafs diffuser is that it is so inexpensive that you could easily get half a dozen to cover as much area as you want without a very big dent in your pocketbook.

Noise Level

The noise level of this diffuser is about mid-range for the ones that we have on this list, but it is definitely considered a quiet diffuser by any ordinary standards. Think of this this way: an ordinary whisper – which you have to be fairly close to hear – is about 30 decibels. This diffuser is only 20 decibels, so it is quieter than a whisper.

Design & Aesthetics

When it comes to the design of this diffuser, it is definitely one of the nicest-looking ones that you will find. It is round in shape with a clean, white base that fades up into the color window, which is the upper part of the unit. There are six lights that you can choose from, all of them chosen to be soothing and mood-inducing. There is also a very nice floral design on the lighted part of the unit as well.

Ease of Programming

As far as programming the device, it is really easy to use. There are two basic functions. The first is the timer option, which you can set for various windows to allow auto-shutoff after a certain period of time. Then there is a setting for the lights. There are six light options to choose from, and you can cycle through them and choose which one you want.

Timer Options

So, as far as what you can set the timer at, you actually get quite a few options with this diffuser. Some diffusers on this list only have one or two options when it comes to an auto-timer or some of them have no timer at all. This unit gives you four different timer options to choose from. You can set it for thirty minutes, an hour, two hours or three hours.

Warranty Specifications

When it comes to the warranty for the Briteleafs 2-in-1 diffuser you may have to contact the manufacturer directly to find out what warranty they offer (if any). A search of their product listings on their official website ( did not bring up this diffuser or the warranty that may go with it.

Shut-off Automation

However, as far as shut-off automation, this unit definitely shines. For one thing, there are four automatic timer settings. That means that however long your massage session or aromatherapy session goes, you can diffuse the entire time, with the unit doubling as a reminder that the session is up.

Difficulty in Changing Oils

When it comes to changing out your oils for a different aromatherapy fragrance, it couldn’t be easier. All you do is remove whatever water is left in the tank. Then fill it up with water again. All you have to do at this point is to add a few drops of your essential oil to create a brand new fragrance with this diffuser.

Essential Oil Capacity

The essential oil capacity is 100 milliliters. This is actually quite a bit of liquid. It will run the diffuser for at least the three hours that the maximum timer setting gives you. There are other units on this list that have slightly larger tanks, but they don’t run on a timer, so there is that trade-off.

Company Reputation

This company definitely has a good reputation. The fact that this product isn’t listed on their website at the time of this writing should not be a cause for concern. They might be updating their site or it could be archived. You are still completely protected by Amazon’s guarantee and the company still has an excellent reputation. In fact, the popular lifestyle blog MommyLivesClean gave this product, and the company behind it, five out of five stars.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Another thing that you’ll want to consider is the cleaning and maintenance of the unit and it is super easy with this diffuser. To clean out the tank, you can just use a paper towel to remove any residual moisture after it has run out and then do the same thing with the inside of the cap. That’s all you need to do to keep it clean.

Other Features & Benefits

One of the things that come with this diffuser as an added bonus is a 10 mL bottle of lavender essential oil, which is one of the most popular oils, so you can get started as soon as you receive the unit. There is also ultrasonic technology included with this product. It produced 2.4 million ultrasonic vibrations every second. This is one of the latest aromatherapy technologies and it definitely makes the product worth purchasing.

Briteleafs 2-in-1 Diffuser Price

When it comes to the price on this diffuser, you really want to take advantage when it is on sale. The regular retail price is $79.99 and it is definitely worth it, but at the time of this writing, the price is $26.99. That’s a great price for this amazing diffuser and it might not be on sale for very long.

Customer Reviews

As far as customer reviews go for this product, there are a lot of them and they are almost all positive. The customer reviews all talk about how great this diffuser is, and especially at the sales price. There are lots of positive reviews on this unit and you should definitely check them out before you buy but I think you will be pleased with what you find, because just about everyone who uses this diffuser is happy with it, and talks about how great the features are and how well it works. Some people even say that it works better than the manufacturer specifications – particularly in the area of square footage covered. Some reviewers of claim that it covers twice the area that the manufacturer says it does.

Final Thoughts on the Briteleafs 2-in-1 Diffuser

So, should you get this diffuser? If you’re looking for something small and portable that is priced just right and has all of the features that you need including a timer, and a large capacity tank as well as one of the quietest noise levels of any diffusers out there, then you should definitely consider the Briteleafs 2-in-1 Diffuser. You will be happy with the results that you get and you can buy as many as you want for the whole house because the price is so good.

Easy-to-Use Comparison Chart

Diffuser Price Square Feet Noise Level Auto-Shutoff Water/Oil Capacity Oil Swap Timer Avg. Reviews
Briteleafs 2-in-1 Diffuser $26.99 220

sq. ft.

20 dB Yes 100mL Easy 30/60/120/180 4.0 Stars
ECVision Bamboo Diffuser $36.99 Standard Room 30 dB Yes 150mL Easy 10/60/120 4.5 Stars
Greenair Spa Vapor Diffuser $26.49 250

sq. ft.

<10 dB Yes 150mL Easy N/A On/Off Switch 4.0 Stars
InnoGear Aromatherapy Diffuser $23.99 Sm. to Med. Rooms 35 dB Yes 100mL Easy Interm. & Cont. 4.5 Stars
NOW Foods Diffuser $34.28 250     sq. ft. 30 dB Yes 120mL Fair N/A 4.0 Stars
NOW Foods Wood Grain Diffuser $36.99 400

sq. ft.

30 dB Yes 500mL Fair N/A 4.0 Stars
PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser $29.99 230

Sq. ft.

20 dB Yes 100mL Easy N/A 4.5 Stars
Smiley Daily Diffuser $22.99 200

sq. ft.

 15 dB Yes 350mL Easy 30on/30off 4.5 Stars
ZAQ Allay Diffuser $33.99 Standard Room <10 dB Yes 80mL Easy NA 4.0 Stars
ZAQ Bamboo Diffuser $52.97 Standard Room <10 dB Yes 100mL Easy NA 4.5 Stars