ECVision Bamboo

ECVision Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser Review


If you are looking for a terrific diffuser that will not only make any home smell great, but will add to the décor and look natural in any room then the ECVision bamboo diffuser might be exactly what you need. The diffuser is round and looks like it is a decorative item of some sort made of wood because it is covered by actual bamboo. The holes that the aroma flows out of are small and undetectable unless you are very close to the diffuser and it has a ton of features that you’ll love. This is definitely one of the diffusers that you should be considering for that room you want to do aromatherapy in.

Coverage Area

The coverage area of the ECVision bamboo diffuser is rather flexible. There are no square feet measurements to worry about. It will work in an average-sized room like a bedroom, living room or aromatherapy session room. Even if the room is a bit bigger than average, you will still be able to permeate the room with the aroma that you want.

Noise Level

Like many diffusers that incorporate the latest technology, the noise level is very quiet. This particular diffuser never gets above 30 decibels when it is running (that’s only slightly louder than a whisper). You’ll never have to worry about it keeping you awake or interrupting your aromatherapy sessions.

Design & Aesthetics

This is a beautiful diffuser. With bamboo all the way around, it blends into any space. It’s small and unassuming and will fit just about anywhere. The bottom will obviously be covered, but the top is simply white so it looks great anywhere. This is one of the best diffuser designs on the market today. Besides the bamboo, it has seven different lighting designs to create the perfect mood.

Ease of Programming

It’s a snap to program the ECVision bamboo diffuser. All you have to do is tell it how long you want it to be on before it shuts off automatically, and decide what (if any) color you want. You can set it to shut off after an hour, 2 hours or you can tell it to turn on for ten seconds and then off again for ten seconds, until you push the stop button.

Timer Options

As mentioned, the timer has three settings. There is a auto-shutoff setting that will let you run the diffuser for one hour or two hours. After that time period, the diffuser shuts off automatically. You can also set it to turn on in ten second intervals for as long as you want to run it. This gives you the freedom to use it for any purpose.

Warranty Specifications

It was impossible to determine what the warranty specifications were for this unit. There may be one, but it wasn’t listed anywhere online. However, ECVision has offered 180 day warranties with their other units so you may be protected, but you will need to check your manual when you purchase the product.

Shut-off Automation

This unit does have shutoff automation on several settings. First, the unit automatically shuts off after one hour or two hours, depending upon what you set it to. There is also a safety shutoff when the water level gets too low on the intermittent setting, which can work for five hours at a time and a maximum of ten hours while monitoring the water level.

Difficulty in Changing Oils

This is very easy to clean and change out the oils. Since the oils are diluted in water, it makes the tank extraordinarily easy to clean. You just remove the tank and dump out the water with the current essential oil in it, and then add your new essential oil, diluted in water first, of course.

Essential Oil Capacity

The tank is pretty large for one of the smaller diffusers, like this one is. It holds 150 milliliters, and that means that you can add a dozen or so drops of essential oil (although it may only take one or two depending upon your preference) to permeate the entire room with the fragrance you have chosen.

Company Reputation

Unfortunately, there is not much information about the company that makes this diffuser. There is a company with the same name that appears to work in software development. It may be the same company with a different product development plan, or it could be entirely separate. However, the products from this company are highly rated on retail websites.

Cleaning & Maintenance

This is a very easy-to-clean diffuser. The only part needing cleaning really is the tank and it is a snap to dump water out, rinse and replace it. You can clean the other parts of the unit if needed simply by wiping them down with a damp cloth. As far as maintenance goes, you shouldn’t have to replace or repair anything during the lifetime of this diffuser.

Other Features & Benefits

One of the other features that have not been mentioned so far is the lighting. The unit can be programmed to glow in seven different shades. You can also choose not to have a lighting glow at all. The glow comes from the top of the diffuser which is white by default. Another feature is the ionizer that is included with the unit. The diffuser produces negative ions which help you to feel more joyful and improve your mood. These negatively charged ions also have other benefits; they help to strengthen you immune system for one thing. They also benefit your respiratory system and contribute to your overall health.

ECVision Bamboo Diffuser Price

The ECVision bamboo diffuser retails for $36.99. This is about midrange when it comes to diffusers of this type, and perhaps even on the low end. There are definitely less expensive diffusers out there but this one is very high-quality and has a lot of great features for the price.

Customer Reviews

The average customer rating on this unit is four-and-a-half stars. The customer reviews have been very positive for this diffuser. People have purchased it for massage studios and aromatherapy rooms and had great success at it. There was one negative review that the unit was too noisy, but no one else complained about it, and the person may have had overly sensitive hearing. Other people said it was great and worked perfectly, and rated it five stars across the board. All in all, this has been a very highly rated product that has made a lot of customers happy and there is no difficulty in recommending it.

Final Thoughts on the ECVision Bamboo Diffuser

So, should you go with the ECVision bamboo diffuser? The choice is yours of course, and you should definitely use the chart below to make your decision. What this diffuser has going for it is that it is one of the medium-to-low priced models and it has a programmable timer as well as an intermittent setting so that you can basically set it and forget it. It also has a large tank for small diffusers, which means that you get even more use out of it before it shuts off due to low water levels. It is easy to clean, easy to use and definitely a great product. If you like the look of this diffuser, it will definitely perform for you and be an important aromatherapy tool for home or for professional use – or any way you want to use it.

Easy-to-Use Comparison Chart

Diffuser Price Square Feet Noise Level Auto-Shutoff Water/Oil Capacity Oil Swap Timer Avg. Reviews
Briteleafs 2-in-1 Diffuser $26.99 220

sq. ft.

20 dB Yes 100mL Easy 30/60/120/180 4.0 Stars
ECVision Bamboo Diffuser $36.99 Standard Room 30 dB Yes 150mL Easy 10/60/120 4.5 Stars
Greenair Spa Vapor Diffuser $26.49 250

sq. ft.

<10 dB Yes 150mL Easy N/A On/Off Switch 4.0 Stars
InnoGear Aromatherapy Diffuser $23.99 Sm. to Med. Rooms 35 dB Yes 100mL Easy Interm. & Cont. 4.5 Stars
NOW Foods Diffuser $34.28 250     sq. ft. 30 dB Yes 120mL Fair N/A 4.0 Stars
NOW Foods Wood Grain Diffuser $36.99 400

sq. ft.

30 dB Yes 500mL Fair N/A 4.0 Stars
PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser $29.99 230

Sq. ft.

20 dB Yes 100mL Easy N/A 4.5 Stars
Smiley Daily Diffuser $22.99 200

sq. ft.

 15 dB Yes 350mL Easy 30on/30off 4.5 Stars
ZAQ Allay Diffuser $33.99 Standard Room <10 dB Yes 80mL Easy NA 4.0 Stars
ZAQ Bamboo Diffuser $52.97 Standard Room <10 dB Yes 100mL Easy NA 4.5 Stars