NOW Foods Wood Grain

NOW Foods Wood Grain Essential Oil Diffuser Review


One of the strengths that the wood grain diffuser has from now solutions is that it is one of the most stylish diffusers out there. This unit is perfect for use in the home as well as in aromatherapy because it covers a much larger space than many of the diffusers on this list. As an added benefit, it is surrounded by a wood grain cover that blends in well with many different types of deck core. There are a lot of things that make this Diffuser great, including capacity, features an area covered and much more. It also comes from NOW foods, a company well known for making quality essential oils and related products.

Coverage Area

The coverage area that this Diffuser has is one of the major benefits of going with this unit instead of one of the others on this list. While most of the diffusers listed here only cover enough square footage for a small room to work effectively in a small room, this diffuser can maintain the fragrance throughout a room that is 400 square feet.

Noise Level

When it comes to the noise of the user is pretty quiet. No one has posted a review has complained about the noise level and it is expected to be around 30 dB, even though the product descriptions do not specifically list the number of decibels. 30 dB is barely above a whisper so you should have no problems sleeping with it in the same room, as long as it is across the room and not on the nightstand right by your head.

Design & Aesthetics

The look of this Diffuser is one of the reasons that it is so popular. People love the fact that it looks as if it is made of wood rather than the plastic that it is actually constructed out of. Although some people have said that the wood grain is a different color than the one listed in the product pictures on Amazon and other retail sites, it still looks great; having a diffuser that looks this good means that you can put it in any room in the house.

Ease of Programming

Like some of the other diffusers that are on this list, there is no programming. Instead, you simply fill the water level up to maximum and then you let it run. When the water runs out then you will have to put some more and run it again. There is no programming which means that this device is simple to use even if you don’t have as much freedom as you do with more complicated units.

Timer Options

As for the timer, this unit is pretty simple and doesn’t actually come with a separate timer. With the water level completely full, this unit is expected to run for a full eight hours. That means that you can judge how long you want how long you want to run the device based upon how full you make the tank. In this way, you can set an approximate timer. This may not work for everyone, particularly in aromatherapy and massage therapy where the diffuser often doubles as a timer for the session.

Warranty Specifications

The company does not list any specific warranty information for this device on their website nor is it listed on any of the product pages. This may mean that no warranty exists but NOW Solutions – the company that makes this product – has a good reputation for making things right if their products go wrong.

Shut-off Automation

There are two automatic shutoff features that you should be aware of. First of all, the device will shut off if it runs out of water. This is not only to allow you to run the device exactly as long as you need, it is also a safety feature because if you run a diffuser without any water in it, it could seriously damage it. In addition, the unit will shut off if it is tipped over.

Difficulty in Changing Oils

Changing oils isn’t all that difficult you should have no problem doing so. You may want to follow the manufacturer recommendations when it comes to how you need to clean the device between uses because there are some essential oils that can corrode certain diffusers and the unit may wear out quite quickly if you don’t clean between essential oils.

Essential Oil Capacity

One of the strengths that this particular product has is how much it can hold. While many of the other diffusers that are on this list can only hold between 100 and 200 mL, this diffuser can hold a total of 400 mL of water plus oil which is plenty of water to run for a full eight hours. Of course, you’ll want to put a little more oil into a diffuser with this much capacity.

Company Reputation

NOW Solutions has a pretty good reputation when it comes to their products. Although they may not be the best manufacturer out there, they are certainly known for making high quality essential oils, and for standing behind their products.

Cleaning & Maintenance

This is one of the diffusers that you should really clean in between uses because otherwise it will last a very short period of time. You can use vinegar and a washcloth to clean out the tank. Rinse it with water and then make sure that you wipe out the tank is because some essential oils can corrode diffusers.

Other Features & Benefits

Another feature that hasn’t yet been mentioned is that this uses ultrasonic vibrations to make it work for you better and make your room fragrances last longer. The ultrasonic vibrations that this unit uses create a very fine mist which makes the scent hang in the room several hours long. In addition, this is one of the safer diffusers out there because it is free of BPA chemicals. Also, since NOW Solutions makes essential oils, you have an entire catalog of oils that are perfectly designed to work with this diffuser.

NOW Foods Wood Grain Diffuser Price

At $36.99 this is definitely not the cheapest diffuser that is on the list we have compiled here. In fact, it is one of the more expensive ones. But you do get a great looking diffuser for the money as well as all of the features that you need to make large rooms smell great and the reputation of the company that customers have lauded for making high quality essential oils.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews have been pretty positive for this diffuser. However, there are a few negative reviews out there that you might want to look over before you decide whether or not to purchase this product. The average star rating of the reviews is 4.0 stars.

Final Thoughts on the DIFFUSER

Unfortunately, this diffuser just doesn’t have the features that some of the others on this list have for a lower price. While this looks really great because of the wood grain, not every shade is the same as the advertisement and other diffusers come with lights that you can set the mood. In addition, there is no timer included, which could make it difficult to justify for those who do massage therapy or aromatherapy because they want their diffuser to double as a timer, so you may want to think twice about this diffuser.

Easy-to-Use Comparison Chart

Diffuser Price Square Feet Noise Level Auto-Shutoff Water/Oil Capacity Oil Swap Timer Avg. Reviews
Briteleafs 2-in-1 Diffuser $26.99 220

sq. ft.

20 dB Yes 100mL Easy 30/60/120/180 4.0 Stars
ECVision Bamboo Diffuser $36.99 Standard Room 30 dB Yes 150mL Easy 10/60/120 4.5 Stars
Greenair Spa Vapor Diffuser $26.49 250

sq. ft.

<10 dB Yes 150mL Easy N/A On/Off Switch 4.0 Stars
InnoGear Aromatherapy Diffuser $23.99 Sm. to Med. Rooms 35 dB Yes 100mL Easy Interm. & Cont. 4.5 Stars
NOW Foods Diffuser $34.28 250     sq. ft. 30 dB Yes 120mL Fair N/A 4.0 Stars
NOW Foods Wood Grain Diffuser $36.99 400

sq. ft.

30 dB Yes 500mL Fair N/A 4.0 Stars
PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser $29.99 230

Sq. ft.

20 dB Yes 100mL Easy N/A 4.5 Stars
Smiley Daily Diffuser $22.99 200

sq. ft.

 15 dB Yes 350mL Easy 30on/30off 4.5 Stars
ZAQ Allay Diffuser $33.99 Standard Room <10 dB Yes 80mL Easy NA 4.0 Stars
ZAQ Bamboo Diffuser $52.97 Standard Room <10 dB Yes 100mL Easy NA 4.5 Stars