PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser Review


The PureSpa essential oil diffuser is included on this list because it is one of the better diffusers that are out there. Not only does this diffuser look great, it also works great as well and most people that have purchased the product are extremely happy with it. This is a very simple but still a very powerful diffuser with a terrific lighting system that allows you to set the mood while you are adding fragrance to a space. It has a fair price and a large enough tank for you to be able to diffuse any massage therapy office, aromatherapy space or even your own living room.

Coverage Area

This unit has a coverage area of 250 square ft. which means that you are able to diffuse any small space that you have including massage therapy rooms, as well as some larger spaces as well. Although it only covers the square footage of a small room, many customers have reported being able to use it in their living rooms and larger bedrooms as well.

Noise Level

The noise level on this is definitely one of the main selling points. You probably won’t hear the mechanical whirring of the machine at all and instead might hear the gurgle or drip of water inside of the device. While this can be distracting if you’re trying to sleep an easy fix for this is to move it across the room; some people actually enjoy this sound and find the bubbling water relaxing.

Design & Aesthetics

As previously mentioned, this is one of the best-looking diffusers out there. It has a very sleek, streamlined look and fits in perfectly with any décor. Another thing that makes this one of the best-looking diffusers that is out there is that you have a choice with four different colors to display or you can turn off the colors altogether. With these lights, you can create the perfect mood.

Ease of Programming

When it comes to programming this device, it couldn’t be simpler. There is only one button and with that you are able to access all three of the different functions of this device. Clicking it one time will turn on the mist by itself while clicking the light second time will turn on the mist and switch through the four light colors. If you want to turn the device off completely then all you have to do is press the button a third time.

Timer Options

Unfortunately, there are no real timer options with this. This is one of those devices that simply stays on until you turn it off. However, there is a way that you can set the timer for an approximate amount of time. All you have to do is decide how much water you want to put in while understanding that a full tank of water lasts for seven hours. You can determine your water level accordingly.

Warranty Specifications

This product has a pretty decent warranty and a better than other some of the other diffusers that are on this list. You get a 60 day warranty after the purchase where the company will repair or replace your diffuser if it breaks during that period of time. If the device is going to break because of a defect, there’s a good chance it will happen during the first 60 days.

Shut-off Automation

Like most of the diffusers that are on this list, this unit does shut off when the water level runs too low. This is because diffusers can be damaged if they run without any water in. One of the most popular features when it comes to the auto shutoff is that it is completely silent. With some diffusers, you get a beeping sound or some sort of change when the water level runs out and this can disturb people who use it before going to bed when it goes off in the middle of the night.

Difficulty in Changing Oils

This is a really easy diffuser when it comes to changing the oils. You can simply wipe out the tank and then fill it with new water and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. You don’t have to do any major cleaning between uses but you should make sure that you clean it every once in a while because oils can be corrosive otherwise.

Essential Oil Capacity

The capacity of this diffuser is 100 mL. That isn’t the largest tank of the ones featured here, but it is a large enough tank to be able to diffuse a small room while still maintaining the quality of the fragrance. 100 mL is sufficient for smaller rooms at the expected time of seven hours. If you need to diffuse a larger room, you can either get multiple diffusers of this type or you can get a larger one designed for those types of rooms.

Company Reputation

PureSpa has an excellent reputation when it comes to the products that they sell, and in particular, this diffuser. There are lots of review sites out there that deal specifically with essential oils and they have recommended this product and spoken very well about the company behind it. You should have no worries about buying from this company.

Cleaning & Maintenance

This is a really easy diffuser to maintain. All you need to do is wipe it out with a cloth when you fill it with new water and add a different essential oil. You don’t even need to do that if you’re using the same essential oil, instead you can simply rinse out the things and add new water in your essential oil. If you’re using the same essential oil all the time, then you only need to wipe it out with a cloth once a week.

Other Features & Benefits

There are some other features that you should be aware of this diffuser. First of all, this unit has more than one basic function. It also doubles as a cool mist humidifier. This is great when the air is very dry in order to prevent medical problems like dry sinuses. In addition, the mist from this diffuser goes straight up into the air. Some people think that this can make the fragrance stay in the air longer.

PureSpa Diffuser Price

At $29.99, this diffuser is priced about midrange for the ones that are on this list. This is a fair price for the features that this diffuser offers.

Customer Reviews (100)

This diffuser has the best customer reviews of any of the diffusers that are on this list. A whopping 82% of the people who have purchased this diffuser and posted a review rated five stars. An additional 9% rated it four stars which brings the total of 5 & 4 star reviews to 91%. People have said that this for diffuser far exceeded their expectations, and in fact, works better than any other diffuser that they have ever had.

Final Thoughts on the PureSpa (100)

With such good reviews, there is no reason not to get this diffuser. It works great and it is portable enough to move from one room to another. The price is fair if not perfect and the features that it offers are numerous enough to fully make up for what you pay. Based upon all the facts, this diffuser should be at the top of your list whether you are buying for yourself or as a gift for somebody else.

Easy-to-Use Comparison Chart

Diffuser Price Square Feet Noise Level Auto-Shutoff Water/Oil Capacity Oil Swap Timer Avg. Reviews
Briteleafs 2-in-1 Diffuser $26.99 220

sq. ft.

20 dB Yes 100mL Easy 30/60/120/180 4.0 Stars
ECVision Bamboo Diffuser $36.99 Standard Room 30 dB Yes 150mL Easy 10/60/120 4.5 Stars
Greenair Spa Vapor Diffuser $26.49 250

sq. ft.

<10 dB Yes 150mL Easy N/A On/Off Switch 4.0 Stars
InnoGear Aromatherapy Diffuser $23.99 Sm. to Med. Rooms 35 dB Yes 100mL Easy Interm. & Cont. 4.5 Stars
NOW Foods Diffuser $34.28 250     sq. ft. 30 dB Yes 120mL Fair N/A 4.0 Stars
NOW Foods Wood Grain Diffuser $36.99 400

sq. ft.

30 dB Yes 500mL Fair N/A 4.0 Stars
PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser $29.99 230

Sq. ft.

20 dB Yes 100mL Easy N/A 4.5 Stars
Smiley Daily Diffuser $22.99 200

sq. ft.

 15 dB Yes 350mL Easy 30on/30off 4.5 Stars
ZAQ Allay Diffuser $33.99 Standard Room <10 dB Yes 80mL Easy NA 4.0 Stars
ZAQ Bamboo Diffuser $52.97 Standard Room <10 dB Yes 100mL Easy NA 4.5 Stars