Smiley Daisy

Smiley Daisy Essential Oil Diffuser Review


A fun little diffuser on the market is the Smiley Daisy diffuser. This is one of the best looking and most versatile of all the different diffusers that are on this list. The way that this unit is designed makes even the base look really great and the lighted area soft glow that will set the mood. For all of the things that this incredible little diffuser does, it is still the lowest-priced one on this list and outperforms many of the ones here, as well as most of the diffusers that are out there on the market.

Coverage Area

Although the specifications for this device say that it only covers 200 square ft., some people have reported that it covers a great deal more. Regardless, 200 square ft. is actually quite a bit of space when you consider that this is around the size of most small offices, as well as massage therapy session rooms, rooms for aromatherapy and even bathrooms. You may be able to use it in your bedroom effectively depending on the size and the price is low enough for you to get two if you need them.

Noise Level

The noise level of this diffuser is marketed as whisper quiet, which usually means around 20 dB. You shouldn’t have any problems with the noise distracting you and you may not even hear it at all unless you are down close to the machine level or have a very quiet room. This means that you can use it during your aromatherapy sessions without any problems as well as before you go to bed

Design & Aesthetics

This is probably the best looking of all of the diffusers that are on this list if you like lighted diffusers. The reason is difficult to pin down but it probably has something to do with the way that the light tapers off. The lights that are included with this diffuser look very nice in combination with the base and that goes double when use it at night. In addition, the top curves for a very nice aesthetic.

Ease of Programming

This diffuser has a pretty simple operation. It gives you three different options while being able to offer all those with just a single button. When you press the diffuser once it comes on without the nightlight function. If you press it a second time, then the diffuser will stay on in the mist will come out but the lights. Come on as well. If you press the third time, the button acts as an off switch and turns the diffuser off until you hit the button again.

Timer Options

While this diffuser doesn’t have an actual timer where you would set it for one hour, two hours or four hours, for example, it does have a feature that you will find very useful that is related to that. You can set this diffuser to run for 30 minutes and then go off for 30 minutes rather than continuous if you prefer, which makes the water in the diffuser last twice as long wall still maintaining a level of fragrance.

Warranty Specifications

Unfortunately, there isn’t any information on the warranty. This product may not come with a warranty or it may be backed up by a guarantee from the company within a certain period of time. As always, you can look to your retailer if the unit breaks down as well; they may give you a refund of the purchase price or they may replace the product.

Shut-off Automation

This diffuser does have the standard function that comes with many that are on this list where it shuts off automatically if the device runs out of water. This means that you’ll never be in danger of running the device at night and having it go dry and then burning up by morning.

Difficulty in Changing Oils

When it comes to changing the oil it couldn’t be simpler. All you do is dump out any excess water that is left over from the last time that you use the diffuser, and then wipe out the tank or even just rinse it out. Then you can add more water and a few drops of your new essential oil to create a brand-new fragrance experience.

Essential Oil Capacity

This diffuser has one of the largest tanks of any that are on this list. You can store up to 350 mL of water with your essential oils in the tank of the Smiley Daisy. That’s why this diffuser is able to run for so long even if you run continuously. You get six hours for the diffuser to function before it will run out of water and shut off.

Company Reputation

While there is not a whole lot that is known about this company because they are relatively new, the products that they been selling have had some great reviews; in addition, they have some innovative features on this diffuser and other products

Cleaning & Maintenance

Aside from the cleaning that you do in between oils, which can include rinsing the unit or even wiping it down with a cloth, there really is no other cleaning that needs to be done. You may want to use lemon juice or something similar to clean it out once in a while. As far as maintenance goes, there should be nothing that you need to do to maintain the diffuser.

Other Features & Benefits

This device can be used as an essential oil diffuser or it can be used as a cool mist humidifier. The diffuser is great for health problems such as dry skin, dry sinuses and even racking coughs. Another great feature is that there is no heat involved in diffusing the essential oil so you have no chance of burning yourself and it is safe for children and pets. When you use certain essential oils with this type diffuser may be able to remove allergens like pet dander from the air making it even more beneficial. Another terrific feature is that it has six lighting colors and two brightness levels, for a total of 12 shades.

Smiley Daisy Diffuser Price

The price is the biggest selling point for this great diffuser. At $22.99 it is the lowest priced diffuser on our list and it offers more features and benefits than some of the higher price diffusers on this list do. With such a low price you can get one for every room of the house as well as for others as gifts without taking a hit in the pocketbook.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews on this diffuser have been really great. Just about everyone who is posted a review has been happy with their device. They had been happy with the features that it offers them with the look of the diffuser as well as all the other specifications. The rating for this diffuser is 4 ½ stars.

Final Thoughts on the Smiley Daisy

When it comes to deciding on a diffuser for your home or office, it comes down to deciding how much money you want to pay for the features that you need. The great thing about this diffuser is that it offers you all kinds of features and the price is still incredibly low. This diffuser is aesthetically pleasing – in fact it’s one of the nicest looking ones on the list – and has a whole bunch of features for you to enjoy. There is every reason to choose this diffuser for your next purchase.

Easy-to-Use Comparison Chart

Diffuser Price Square Feet Noise Level Auto-Shutoff Water/Oil Capacity Oil Swap Timer Avg. Reviews
Briteleafs 2-in-1 Diffuser $26.99 220

sq. ft.

20 dB Yes 100mL Easy 30/60/120/180 4.0 Stars
ECVision Bamboo Diffuser $36.99 Standard Room 30 dB Yes 150mL Easy 10/60/120 4.5 Stars
Greenair Spa Vapor Diffuser $26.49 250

sq. ft.

<10 dB Yes 150mL Easy N/A On/Off Switch 4.0 Stars
InnoGear Aromatherapy Diffuser $23.99 Sm. to Med. Rooms 35 dB Yes 100mL Easy Interm. & Cont. 4.5 Stars
NOW Foods Diffuser $34.28 250     sq. ft. 30 dB Yes 120mL Fair N/A 4.0 Stars
NOW Foods Wood Grain Diffuser $36.99 400

sq. ft.

30 dB Yes 500mL Fair N/A 4.0 Stars
PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser $29.99 230

Sq. ft.

20 dB Yes 100mL Easy N/A 4.5 Stars
Smiley Daily Diffuser $22.99 200

sq. ft.

 15 dB Yes 350mL Easy 30on/30off 4.5 Stars
ZAQ Allay Diffuser $33.99 Standard Room <10 dB Yes 80mL Easy NA 4.0 Stars
ZAQ Bamboo Diffuser $52.97 Standard Room <10 dB Yes 100mL Easy NA 4.5 Stars