ZAQ Dew Essential Oil Diffuser Review

51nmtqlfUUL._SX522_Are you looking for a new essential oil diffuser? Or, have you been using essential oils in other ways, and want to try using a diffuser for the first time? Whether you are a long-time user of diffusers or have just started thinking about trying them out, the Dew Diffuser from ZAQ makes an awesome option. With it’s modern, safe design and range of handy features, this diffuser is not only an excellent addition to your home décor but also perfect for filling the air with all of the goodness of any essential oils that you choose.

Diffuser Design

The ZAQ Dew diffuser is designed to fit in well with pretty much any type of home décor. It has a modern, contemporary design inspired by dew drops on the grass on a clear morning. ZAQ describe this product as being filled with good wishes and inspiration for each day. The diffuser is sleek, compact and ready to nourish your life with the natural goodness of essential oils no matter which room you choose to display it in. The custom-designed top releases all of the refreshing aromas that you want, whilst giving you the option to control the strength.

Where Can I Use the ZAQ Dew Diffuser?

The ZAQ Dew diffuser is designed for use in literally any room that you could possibly want it. Its sleek and compact design makes it easy to fit into small spaces, making it perfect for hiding on your office desk or even using in a small bathroom. On their website, ZAQ recommend using the Dew in hotel rooms, conference rooms, office spaces and even therapy rooms, where the essential oils can help to lift moods and promote relaxation. But, there are many more places that you can use it, too. Turn your bedroom into an aromatherapy spa with the ZAQ Dew diffuser, or place it in your family room for a gorgeous home fragrance.

Size and Capacity

This diffuser is designed to be compact and easy to place in almost any space imaginable. It’s certainly nothing like some of the chunkier diffusers that you see on the market today, coming in at just 7.1”x 4.2”. The diffuser itself can hold up to 80ml of water, which you mix a few drops of your favorite essential oils into in order to create refreshing aromas and goodness in the air for you to inhale. The ZAQ Dew works just as well with one essential oil as it does with a blend of various essential oils to make a unique aroma and experience.

Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest factors when buying a new diffuser is its energy efficiency. For most homeowners, being energy efficient is hugely important as it allows you to be kinder to the environment, reduce your carbon footprint and of course, save money on your monthly energy bill. When you purchase the ZAQ Dew diffuser, you certainly won’t be disappointed when it comes to this side of things. With a 12W power consumption and 24V DC and 100-240V AC voltage, the ZAQ Dew barely uses any energy at all when it is in operation, making it one of the eco-friendliest diffusers out there. Not only that, but it comes with a set operation time of four hours, after which it will automatically shut down in order to reduce energy usage and improve safety.

Oil Effectivity

81QBZBwuPiL._SX522_Another thing that many people worry about when buying a diffuser for the first time is how effective the essential oil will be when diffused into the air. If you have heard horror stories about diffusers gone wrong due to the use of heat or burning the oil causing it to be broken down and rendering it almost useless, there is no need to worry when you get the ZAQ Dew. This diffuser uses only top-of-the-range, new technology to diffuse oil. Using ultrasonic vibrations known as litemist technology to break the blended essential oils and water up into a gentle mist and disperse them into the air, the ZAQ Dew ensures that you have nothing to worry about when it comes to either safety or effectivity. This technology means that the oils are never broken down or degraded, allowing them to keep all of their beneficial properties as they are diffused.

Extra Features

Along with being a top-notch diffuser, there are other features that the ZAQ Dew is capable of doing perfectly. One such feature is the cool LED light change, which provides soft mood lighting for around the home and can even be used as a really cool night light, if you place the diffuser in your bedroom. The best thing about this feature is that there is a favorite color selection – unlike many diffusers which just repeat the same pattern of colors over and over, the ZAQ Dew allows you to pick which color you like the most and set it to remain that way. If you want total darkness, then don’t worry – you can easily switch this feature off without disrupting the diffusion of oils.

Health Benefits

Using the ZAQ Dew diffuser can have a whole number of different, amazing benefits on your health. Depending on the essential oils that you use with it, you will be able to feel more relaxed, more energised and even happier when you use this diffuser in your home. Certain essential oils are also great for moisturising dry skin – if you’re suffering from this, adding your favorite moisturising essential oils to the diffuser can help your skin to feel softer after a while.

Use Around the Home

You don’t have to be considering setting up an at-home aromatherapy spa to get the ZAQ Dew diffuser. In fact, you can still use it with amazing results even if you’re not interesting in using essential oils for health at all! For years, people have used essential oils for cleaning and air purification around the home. If there are bad smells in your home that you’d like to mask such as smoking smells or pet odors, you can easily use the most fragrant essential oils with the ZAQ Dew diffuser to help keep your home smelling clean and fresh. Because it works automatically, it makes a great alternative to regular air conditioning products in rooms such as restrooms, kitchens, family rooms and bedrooms. It’s also a great option if you’re looking to use less chemicals around your home – 100% natural essential oils are your best choice.

Long Lasting Results

The ZAQ Dew diffuser is designed to operate between around three and five hours, usually landing on four. This is the optimum time to saturate a room with whichever essential oils you choose, for a gorgeously smelling area. The mist diffused by the ZAQ Dew will typically cover up to around 200-300 square feet, making it perfect for almost any room at your home or place of work.

Usage and Maintenance

One of the best things about the ZAQ Dew diffuser is that it is very simple to set up and use, making it an ideal choice for beginners and newcomers to aromatherapy. When you order the diffuser, you’ll receive a package which contains four pieces that you will then need to put together. This is simple to do, and included are easy-to-understand instructions which will take you through the whole process. Then, all you have to do to get started is plug your new diffuser in and add 80ml of water and oil or around 5ml of essential oils.

Some diffusers are a hassle to clean and maintain, but that couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to the ZAQ Dew. The unit will need to be checked at regular intervals for any oil build-up, which will need to be removed in order to ensure that your diffuser is working as effectively as possible at all times. Doing this is easy – you can clean the oil away with a basic cotton swap soaked in dish detergent and water. Or, if you have left the diffuser for a while and there has been a lot of build-up, you can use rubbing alcohol to restore it to its sparkling clean state.

Summing it Up

In short, the ZAQ Dew diffuser makes a perfect choice for essential oil users of all levels. It has a compact design that allows it to fit in well almost anywhere, and is small enough to be quite portable. It is safe to use, doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, and won’t burn or heat the oils up so that you can get the full effectiveness.