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Young Living Essential Oils Review

If you’re into essential oils at all, you have probably heard of the Young Living essential oils company. Young Living is one of the most recognizable names in the industry not only because they provide high-quality products but also because they have a large presence in botanical shops and health stores across the country. Young Living is based in Payson Utah and if you look on the shelves of your local health or supplements during the next time you go in, you’ll probably see them on the shelves or the labels of several products. Even if that isn’t the case, you can probably ask the clerk at your local alternative health store and he or she may be willing to order Young Living products and stock them so that they’ll be available to you.


Young Living Company History

Young Living has been around that long, but longer than some of the company selling essential oils featured here. They started in 1993 when two people – D Gary Young and Mary Young – begin distilling for the first time. Gary was a proponent of essential oils but had been unable to find any consistency when it came to the quality of the oil that he was buying. That’s when he decided to build the company on and to establish an organization that would allow people to buy essential oil and resell them. They were able to create oils that were based on quality products and consistent with every bottle.

Young Living Manufacturing Process

One of the reasons that quite a few people choose Young Living for their essential oils is that they have a very specific process that ensures quality in manufacturing. There Seed to Seal process ensures that their products are free of chemicals that are harmful and affect the quality of the essential oils. They get the plants from their suppliers in great quantities and then use various processes to extract the essential oils.

For example, with most of the plants that they get go through a scene steam distillation process which extracts the essential oil very well but it has a very low yield. They also use cold press techniques in order to extract essential oils from the peels of oranges, lemons and bergamot fruit. With some flowers that are too fragile for steam distillation, solvent extraction may be used

Young Living Essential Oils Selection

When it comes to Young Living’s selection of essential oils; it is actually pretty good. The pure essential oils which are the main ones that people use for health benefits – and sometimes even for aromatherapy – are the biggest inventory the Young Living carries. They currently have 87 essential oils for you to choose from. That is about one third of all of the essential oils that are out there and they definitely have the most popular one so you’re probably going to find what you need. If you want to try something a little different for aromatherapy or for the health benefits but you fidelity ingredients are, you can go with one of their 85 essential oil proprietary blends. In addition, they have 29 Dietary essential oils. They also have massage oils, diffusers and much more.

Young Living Purity of Essential Oils

When it comes to the purity of Young Living’s essential oils they are actually really good. However, one of the things that some people have talked about when it comes to the essential oils that they get seems to be a chemical overtone with YL. However, the company states on their website that they do not use harmful chemicals in their essential oils. This could mean that the chemicals that people are smelling are not harmful at all or it could simply be imagination. Either way, most people are satisfied with Young Living’s essential oils and the purity of them.

However, there is another thing to consider that may make you pause when choosing Young Living essential oils. Most of the farms that they get there plants from are based in the United States. That means that if they are growing plants for essential oils that are indigenous to another part of the country or world, you are not going to get the same essential oil as you would if someone made it from indigenous plants in fact, you may not get as many benefits from your essential oil. This is something you will have to consider before buying from Young Living essential oils.

Young Living Website

The Young Living website is very well-designed and quite responsive. There is a promotional slideshow on the homepage and scrolling down gives you information on some of the events happening with the company and some of the news that has occurred. The menu is easy to navigate and includes essential oils other products information about their farms, benefits for being a member and other links like about their company page, and a virtual office which is for members.

Young Living Essential Oils Price

When it comes to the price, Young Living is about standard. We compared the major essential oil companies using the same essential oil (because they vary considerably between one up to the next) and tried to determine how much each company was charging per 15 mL, even though most of the time they don’t use 15 mL bottles, but another amount, or simply ounces instead. Young Living was comparable with Miracle and DoTERRA, selling a 15 mL bottle of bergamot for around 35 bucks. There are companies that are selling it for a lot lower: Mountain Rose and Starwest both sell 15 mL of bergamot for around 17 bucks which is half what the other companies are charging. However, it may be that the quality of Young Living essential oils requires that they sell for a higher price.

best-essential-oilsYoung Living Reputation

One of the problems that Young Living has is that the reputation doesn’t seem to be all that great – at least if you base the company off of the reputation of D Gary Young, who is the founder of the company. There was a great deal of information at one time on the Internet from a medical doctor the speaking out against D Gary Young but those comments have since been removed. What you need to keep in mind is that some doctors are dead set against alternative medicines. After all, if people are able to heal themselves without the need to go to a doctor, doctors would be out of business. You can check out the reputation of Young Living and decide for yourself.

Young Living Customer Service

Another problem for Young Living is the fact that it is a multilevel marketing organization and that means that if you want to get the oils or even become a member of Young Living, you have to find someone who is a distributor because the oils are not available for anyone to buy on the website. However, once you do join they have really good customer service on the website. Most people have said that when they had a problem, Young Living took care of it right away, and they would recommend their customer service.

Young Living Overview of Customer Reviews

When it comes to the customer reviews that are out there for you Living, is actually quite good. Most people report having a very positive experience with either their essential oils for the customer service. In fact, some people have commented on the fact that even though the price is higher than some of the other companies out there, the quality is worth spending the extra money on. You get what you pay for is a common thread found among some of the Young Living reviews.

Final Word on Young Living

You to make your own choice as to whether or not you’re going to go with Young Living essential oils but other customers have tried them and been completely satisfied so they are highly recommended.

Major Essential Oil Brand Comparison Chart

Brand Price Quality Reputation Selection Service Reviews Overall


Fair Excellent Fair 42 Oils Excellent Good Good
Eden’s Garden Good Excellent Excellent 150 Oils Excellent Excellent Excellent
Mountain Rose Excellent Good Excellent 112 Oils Excellent Excellent Excellent


Fair Excellent Excellent 20 Oils Excellent Good Good
NOW Foods Unknown Excellent Excellent 67 Oils Good Good Good


Excellent Good Excellent 70 Oils Good Good Good
Young Living Fair Good Fair 87 Oils Good Fair Fair